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Advanced Cannabis Growing Techniques

Have you already mastered the basics of growing weed? Are you ready to move on to some of the more advanced stuff? Don't worry, 'advanced' doesn't mean hard. In fact, a lot of the advanced stuff is actually really easy!

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Grow Short & Bushy Cannabis (Marijuana Growth Control & Training Methods)

How to Grow Short and Bushy Marijuana Plants - Growth Control

Choose the Right Cannabis Strain
Provide Your Cannabis With Enough Light
Get a Properly Sized Container
Force Your Cannabis to Flower Early
Defoliation: Remove Leaves to Control Growth
Main-Lining: Train Plants In Early Vegetative Stage to Form Manifold
Low Stress Training (LST): Change Cannabis Grow Pattern With Bending and Supercropping
Topping and FIMing: Cannabis Control Techniques that Involve Cutting



Don't Grow This Marijuana Plant! Grow Short Plants With Dozens of Buds!

This Marijuana Plant was allowed to grow WAY too tall and uncontrolled

This Marijuana plant was growing using several of the growth methods in theis article under CFLs and LEDs. Notice how she has DOZENS of bud signs in a flat plane that's easily covered by the grow lights

There are a couple of different techniques that you can use to get cannabis to grow more bushy as opposed to growing tall.

I'm going to try to list them all including information about strain, proper conditions, as well as some information about training and cutting techniques such as bending, topping and FIMing the marijuana plant.

When learning how to grow your own weed indoors, one of the first things to realize is that you don't just have to just accept the way the weed grows naturally.
As a gardener, it is your duty to ensure that your weed grows the way you want. The following techniques will give you the power to grow a short, bushy weed plant that fits in whatever space you desire.

How to make your own feminized seeds using Colloidal Silver or Rodelization (also learn how to make colloidal silver spray)

There are two main methods to create your own feminized cannabis seeds:

  • the colloidal silver spray method or
  • using rodelization.

Both the colloidal silver method and the rodelization method are described in detail below if you scroll down.

For whatever reason, when colloidal silver solution is sprayed regularly on a  female cannabis plants during the early flowering stage, she will grow male "balls" (which are full of female pollen) instead of growing buds.

How to Make Your Own Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Making Feminized Marijuana Seeds at Home is Easy!
(How To Breed 2 Female Plants Together For Seeds)

by Nebula Haze

Ever wondered how those marijuana seed banks make feminized seeds? When you "feminize" a seed, what that means is you're ensuring that the resulting seed will produce a female plant. Most growers only want to grow female cannabis plants, since the females plants are the only ones which grow buds/flowers. 

Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields

by Nebula Haze

Skip intro and jump straight to tutorial on how to super crop marijuana instructions.

What You Need to Super Crop Marijuana:

(Experienced Growers Only) Controversial Defoliation Increases Marijuana Yields

by Keef Treez "The Defoliator"

Defoliation is an extreme marijuana growth technique. It's not to be done lightly.

In fact, the topic of defoliation is one of the most controversial subjects in the marijuana growing field. People on both sides defend their position vehemently. 

How to ScrOG (Screen of Green) Your Marijuana Plants

by Nebula Haze

For those who might not be familiar, the term "ScrOG" (Screen of Green) refers to a marijuana growing technique that uses a net or wire mesh to control the height of the plant.

How to Grow Weed in 20 Minutes a Week

by Sirius Fourside (with Nebula Haze)

If time is the critical factor in your life, then I am going to show you how little time it can take for you to grow weed indoors in a spare closet or space.

The grow method I'm about to share will actually take less of your time than buying weed from a dealer or a medical marijuana dispensary!

What Do I Need to Know About the Effects of Color Spectrum on Growing Marijuana


Cannabis Grow Lights and the Effect of Color Spectrum on Growing

Marijuana Yields & CO2

by Nebula Haze

How I Wasted $747.23 on Ineffective CO2 Methods
For My Marijuana Garden

How do I make hash oil? (alcohol extraction method for marijuana)

CHILLAX - CHILLed Alcohol eXtraction method for making marijuana hash oil
by RadiantBlueLight

read original tutorial by RadiantBlueLight here

Do you love marijuana hash oil? Interested in ultra-potent cannabinoid extractions?

Building an Ultra Stealthy Grow Cabinet

by G.D. Bud

This article comes courtesy of the good folks at, and was re-edited for clarity and ease of reading. Click Here to view the original article in all its glory!

Selective Light Training (SLT)

Light Spectrum And Selective Light Training
by SuperAngryGuy

Published with permission.

LBH's Famous Scrog Tutorial

by LBH - ScrOG and LST expert - View original article by LBH on Rollitup

FIM Your Way to Multiple Colas!

by Sirius Fourside

FIMing: The act of pinching or cutting a young cannabis plant in such a way as to force it to grow 4 main colas instead of one. FIM is used as a word itself, but is actually an acronym for “F**k, I missed!”

So what exactly is FIMing?

The Perpetual Harvest

A few weeks back, we showed you some tried-and-true techniques to keep a full weed supply in an article called “How to Never Run Out of Weed”.

Now, we’re going to get you up to speed on a technique that pretty much guarantees you always have as much medicine as you need…The Perpetual Harvest!

Better Taste, Better Smell

by Nebula Haze

Professional-quality cannabis buds look, taste and smell great

How can I get home-grown cannabis to taste and smell as good as professional-quality bud?


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